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It’s a long drive, but very scenic!

It’s a long drive, but very scenic!

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I took this on my way home from work.

YOU are the Mobile Device

This week San Francisco hosted the Web 2.0 Expo and I was there for a few days of networking and industry buzz. Here are my highlights:

Best Keynote: 10 Tools For Managing a Creative Environment by Bryan Mason, COO and Sarah Nelson, Design Analyst from Adaptive Path. (See next post for more about this keynote)

Best Keynote Energy: Tim O’Reilly – keynote extraordinaire. His passionate talk even ended with a poem that he read to his father on his deathbed. I didn’t envy the folks that had to follow that! Here’s a video snippet about audacious goals.

Other keynotes I attended:
A Flickr Approach to making Sense of the World by Dan Catts. A technical yet entertaining look at how geomapping works on flickr. Brings up some interesting issues regarding where one neighborhood begins, and another ends. What really are the boundries of Noe Valley, and who sez?

The Next Generation of Tagging: Searching and Discovering a Better User Experience by Kakul Srivastava, Director of Product Management at flickr. Excitement around a community that thrives on tags. All good and well, but as a flickr user, I find it very time consuming to retouch, upload, title, describe and tag hundreds of pictures. When will they make that easier? I’m fantasizing about voice tagging… wouldn’t that be cool?

Best Schwag: Disney Internet Group

Best Booth: Honestly, nothing really stood out, however the booths that served beer and snacks yesterday, definitely deserve high marks!

Best Party: Digg Meetup at Mighty. Not an official event of the Expo, however, free drinks, no cover, Rock Band for all my friends and a live dancing unicorn. How can you top that?