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Writing Rant

Right now, I’m looking for a job. Not just any job – I’m looking for a creative senior leadership/management position in an interactive agency. So, the job postings and descriptions I’m reading tend to be VERY SERIOUS. I guess it’s because, ultimately, the job I’m looking for is VERY SERIOUS and comes with a lot of responsibility. To get a response, my resume, portfolio, and email correspondence must be very well written and expertly presented.

After viewing probably hundreds of job postings, and agency web sites, I’m experiencing a massive ‘corporate-speak’ overload. Some of these job postings are so outrageously full of industry jargon, that my eyes literally blur over and my head starts to spin! Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes the writing is embarrassingly bad — and these are MAJOR interactive and advertising agencies!! Below area few of my favorites: (names changed to protect the guilty)

An interesting use of abbreviations from a recent posting:

[Company] is now defining a new Customer Insight Management (CIM) market, similarly to the way SFA led to the emergence of CRM.

Below is a job posting I found on Craigslist for a major advertising agency. I mean seriously – how many times can you use the word sustainable or some form of it? And what exactly does it mean in this context?

ART DIRECTOR at [Company], the leading sustainability agency: At[Company], we create sustainable visions for companies around the world and help them grow by embracing a grassroots approach to sustainability. Our Art Directors…develop creative concepts and designs for sustainability-focused campaigns across multiple mediums.

When you apply online, or email your inquiry to a generic address, you almost always get a canned reply. I love this response I got recently from a pretty large advertising agency. First of all, definitely is used THREE TIMES. And what’s with using the @ symbol in the middle of a sentence?

If you’re applying for a creative position we’ll definitely be looking @ your online portfolio if you supplied it. We’ll definitely contact you if there’s interest, and we’ll keep your resume on file. If you have any questions, definitely feel free to write back to the jobs@company.com email address.