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My new genes part II – Health & Traits

Some results from my 23andMe DNA test:

  • Neither me nor my dad likely have native American ancestry.
  • I am 1% Asian. (Could be data noise… could be true!)
  • According to the Reynolds Risk Score method, my risk of heart attack over the next 10 years is 0.703%.
  • I have decreased risk for Chron’s disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Psoriasis.
  • I am likely a sprinter, not an endurance runner (I wish I would have gotten the athletic gene – is there a gene for that?)
  • I am likely lactose intolerant. (Self diagnosed – when I stopped drinking my milk in 3rd grade and the lunchlady called my Mom.)
  • Slightly higher odds of obesity.
  • I’m a slow caffeine metabolizer; drinking coffee increases my heart attack risk. (I probably won’t sleep if I have coffee after 3:00PM)
  • I have higher odds of living to 100! (Yay! What will I do with myself for 30 years after I retire?!)
  • I probably have an increased sensitivity to the drug Warfarin (Coumadin). (Hopefully the doctors will never have to prescribe it.)
  • Beta blockers probably will have no effect.
  • If I had been breastfed, my IQ could have been raised by 6-7 points! (I won’t hold that against you, Mom!)
  • My non-verbal IQ performance averaged 3 points lower than average.
  • I am less efficient at learning to avoid errors. (Gosh, I really missed out on all the smart genes – proof that environment and behavior have just as much effect on outcomes as genetics!)
  • Drinking green or black tea could lower my odds for getting breast cancer.

Explore your genome with me!

On Monday, I start my new job as Senior UI Designer at a startup called 23andme. The company sells a test for $399 that allows people to get information about their genetic makeup. As you can imagine there are many positive implications for medical research and ancestory data. It would be great to have  friends and family to compare and share my DNA with! If you’ve ever been curious about your genetic makeup, and how it might affect your health, I encourage you to check out the site, and see if taking the test is for you!

Farewell Adobe - Thanks for lunch Kevin :)

Farewell Adobe - Thanks for lunch Kevin 🙂