My new genes part II – Health & Traits

Some results from my 23andMe DNA test:

  • Neither me nor my dad likely have native American ancestry.
  • I am 1% Asian. (Could be data noise… could be true!)
  • According to the Reynolds Risk Score method, my risk of heart attack over the next 10 years is 0.703%.
  • I have decreased risk for Chron’s disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Psoriasis.
  • I am likely a sprinter, not an endurance runner (I wish I would have gotten the athletic gene – is there a gene for that?)
  • I am likely lactose intolerant. (Self diagnosed – when I stopped drinking my milk in 3rd grade and the lunchlady called my Mom.)
  • Slightly higher odds of obesity.
  • I’m a slow caffeine metabolizer; drinking coffee increases my heart attack risk. (I probably won’t sleep if I have coffee after 3:00PM)
  • I have higher odds of living to 100! (Yay! What will I do with myself for 30 years after I retire?!)
  • I probably have an increased sensitivity to the drug Warfarin (Coumadin). (Hopefully the doctors will never have to prescribe it.)
  • Beta blockers probably will have no effect.
  • If I had been breastfed, my IQ could have been raised by 6-7 points! (I won’t hold that against you, Mom!)
  • My non-verbal IQ performance averaged 3 points lower than average.
  • I am less efficient at learning to avoid errors. (Gosh, I really missed out on all the smart genes – proof that environment and behavior have just as much effect on outcomes as genetics!)
  • Drinking green or black tea could lower my odds for getting breast cancer.

2 responses to “My new genes part II – Health & Traits

  1. Remembering your teen years, I would DEFINITELY agree that you are ” less efficient at learning to avoid errors.” !!! As for the caffeine, I have the same issue–late night tea will keep me up.

    And you have always sprinted through life, from my view.

  2. native american is classified as asian on 23andme that 1% is likely representive of it.

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