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Explore your genome with me!

On Monday, I start my new job as Senior UI Designer at a startup called 23andme. The company sells a test for $399 that allows people to get information about their genetic makeup. As you can imagine there are many positive implications for medical research and ancestory data. It would be great to have  friends and family to compare and share my DNA with! If you’ve ever been curious about your genetic makeup, and how it might affect your health, I encourage you to check out the site, and see if taking the test is for you!

Farewell Adobe - Thanks for lunch Kevin :)

Farewell Adobe - Thanks for lunch Kevin 🙂

I sold my LA condo!

Sorry suckas! It took 3 weeks from listing to offer. Closed on my birthday! Now navigating the SF housing market. Wish me luck!


Time for Art

Changes to my personal living space, nature’s rainbow on the lawn of the Getty, and the urban fight against graffiti on city structures are simply stories about the passage of time as documented through my photographs. Because we all have access to digital media and the medium to display it, we can create endless stories to share with the world. I have recently come across some cool projects with a similar theme.

Urban Destruction and Renewal:

Invincible Cities is an interactive website created by sociologist and photographer Camilo José Vergara. It presents “A Visual Encyclopedia of the American Ghetto.” Through this interface, we can see the same storefront as photographed in 1977, and in 2008. I would love to have something like this for some of the places I called home in my life – like the Lizard Lounge building in Chicago @ 1824 W. Augusta Blvd. Or maybe our first house at 96 Oak Drive, in New Jersey.

Humans Aging:

The photographer Nicolas Nixon, photographed his wife and her sisters each year starting in 1975. The name of the series is The Brown Sisters. The consistency of the project is inspiring – never missing a year, the women always arranged in the same order… seeing how they’ve aged year to year, is very humbling.

Nature Never Stopping

San Franciscians are fortunate to give a home to Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire in the Presidio.

“In 2006, artist Andy Goldsworthy visited the Presidio and was inspired by the history and character of the forest. He saw an opportunity to create a sculpture with the felled mature trees. Constructed in October 2008, The Spire tells the story of the forest, celebrates its history and natural rhythms, and welcomes the next generation of trees. It is a poetic reference to the forest’s past; as new young trees grow up to meet the sculpture, it will eventually disappear into the forest.”

Goldsworthy works almost exclusively in and with nature. From building long stone walls, to creating an icicle sculpture, to floating a delicate chain of flowers down the river, his works are ephemeral and temporal, not made last, never made to stay the same. This is true ‘sustainable’ art. There’s a very good documentary film about the artist called Rivers and Tides where you can see his art in action.
Andy Goldsworthy's Spire

Living Room Timeline

Living room in my Venice, CA condo while living there (July 2007)

My living room before I moved to SF

Living room in my Venice, CA condo staged for sale (April 2009)

My living room staged for sale

Living room in my San Francisco, CA rental apartment (September 2008)


Urban Timeline

July 2007

Gorgeous Dilapidation

July 2008

Building Redux