Monthly Archives: March 2008

I got the The Pangs for free from

I have a thing for a little group from England called The Pangs. I first heard their song “Fighterplane” on my’s “Today’s Top Tune” podcast. They are like a soulful mashup of Radiohead, and Rufus Wainwright, and Zero 7. Here’s the video.

If you like what you’re hearing – check out their Myspace page – and listen to their MP3 player.

Did you know that you can get one free song per day from KCRW? KCRW is a non-profit radio station broadcasting from a community college in Santa Monica. They program mostly indie, and alternative music from around the world.

Just go to your iTunes store, search for KCRW then subscribe to the podcast called “Today’s Top Tune.” And the special added bonus is – KCRW is the best radio station on the planet! Seriously, almost every MP3 I own, every concert I’ve attended in the past 10 years is thanks to KCRW. They have the best most knowledgeable music lover dj’s ever! If you’re not in LA, stream the radio simulcast, or the KCRW Music station turn up the speakers, and rock on!

The Missing Peace

Yesterday, I went to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to see The Missing Peace – organized by the Committee of 100 for Tibet and The Dalai Lama Foundation. The show displays “works by upwards of 88 artists from 30 countries in a landmark exhibition that offers up art as a lens through which we experience our common humanity.” (Sorry but the show is ending today, but maybe it will travel to a museum near you.)

Overall, the show was very moving. I got blessed by the Dalai Lama. It was a video blessing, which is probably not the same as getting a blessing from him in person, but it made my heart feel lighter. I loved the simplicity of it. Here’s a picture:

Dalai Lama video blessing

It’s not the greatest picture because I got caught and they asked me to put my camera away. It’s funny these days in a museum. I was just in London and was taking pics of everything! Anyway, there was lots of great stuff to look at – I wish I could have recorded more on camera – like the names of the artists, etc.

I took one other picture of a giant video wall that had a grid of videos of different monks in prayer:

The video was accompanied by a wall of sound that layered all of them on top of each other and it was very relaxing and beautiful. I sat there for a long time – wondering if any of those monks was this guy:


and hoping that all of those monks are safe and sound. What kind of world do we live in? When peaceful, non-violent people are treated so horribly to an unfair ‘cultural genocide’.

Although I found the Missing Peace yesterday, I am fearful, that for the people of Tibet, it’s a long way off.